A story of profitability for SilverChef, a CFI Customer

Build your finance dream team

Strengthen your team’s skills and accelerate revenue with the deepest real-world learning library in finance.


A story of profitability for SilverChef, a CFI Customer

Online corporate training trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations

The most in-depth online training platform for upskilling and developing finance teams

Build a team full of superstars and boost capability, accuracy and ultimately revenue with the world’s leading online corporate training tool for finance teams.

Unlimited learning potential

Your finance team can explore an online training platform containing:

  • 5,000 lessons and hundreds of hours of practical, hands-on video learning content;
  • Templates, tools and guided case studies to hone their skills

From financial modeling to fixed income, derivatives to data science, your team will have everything they need to take their skills to the next level.

Finance skills for the real world

Your finance team will:

  • Gain a rounded skill set that seamlessly transfers to real-world scenarios;
  • Learn from the very best, with a finance training library meticulously created by dozens of industry experts that go well beyond teaching teams how to master a model or navigate a finance tool;
  • Learn the techniques and productivity hacks that have made each course creator globally-recognized in their field.

Corporate training, designed by you

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your team’s development.

  • Easily structure learning content and create custom learning paths on a role-by-role or team-by-team basis;
  • Assess your team’s skills;
  • Keep everyone on track with learning allocation, progress tracking and deadline setting.

It’s learning content created by us, and curated by you.

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies rely on CFI to upskill their finance team

Corporate online training

created by us, and curated by you


Easily navigate our learning content by topic, certification, specialization or difficulty level.


Choose from one of our pre-designed curriculums, or mix-and-match courses to create a custom learning path.


Group and order your selected courses, then finalize your curriculum with the help of an online training expert.

Use our pre-designed curriculums

If you’d rather select a pre-designed curriculum, a certification learning path may be for you. Each certification is industry-recognized and designed to provide participants with practical skills that transfer to real-world scenarios.

Unlock your finance team’s potential with best-in-class online corporate training

Real-world learning content curated by industry experts
Mix-and-match courses to create custom learning paths
Allocate learning and set deadlines with admin tools
Track course progress with easy-to-use student reporting
Review learning outcomes via formative assessments
Reward your team with blockchain-verified certificates
100% online enables around-the-clock access to resources
On-demand platform can quickly address need-related knowledge gaps
White-label your training with company branding

Get a free consultation

We are happy to book a one-on-one consultation with you or anyone from your organization to assess your corporate training program needs.
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